About Us

Xdot Engineering and Analysis, PLLC is a Virginia Professional Limited Liability Company founded in 2003 by Dr. Erik Swanson. Building on his background and capabilities as a rotordynamics and bearing expert, the initial focus was rotordynamics consulting and foil bearing application assistance. Even in these early days, Erik's R&D background led to several internal projects related analysis tool development, bearing shape optimization, and friction damping.

In 2010, Xdot moved out of Erik's home office into a 1750 square foot leased space to have the offices and a test area to support growth fueled by a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) project. At the same time, a part time office manager was added to the staff. A few months later, a full time test engineer was also hired.

Since the beginning, Xdot has focused on providing accurate, honest, timely, and cost effective results to our clients. We have also maintained active internal research projects to develop new tools and capabilities and explore new ideas.

Xdot thrives on difficult and challenging jobs. We have a network of other small businesses with complementary skills to allow us to bring in additional expertise when needed to solve a problem.

We strive to be a company that we would want to work with.