Fall 2012 Course Attendee Reviews:

Practical Rotordynamics for Real Machinery

October 15 - 19, 2012 in Charlottesville, VA

Instructors: Malcolm E. Leader, Mark Corbo, Erik Swanson

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Thanks again to all of the participants!

1The instructors knowledge of rotordynamics was:400
2The exercises to practice using DyRoBeS were:400
3The pacing of the course was:130
3The amount of material covered was:130
4The amount of interaction encouraged was:400
5Was your interest held?310
6Was your time well spent in the course?400
7Would you recommend this course to others?220
8Would you recommend this group of instructors to others?400


Responses to "What was particularly helpful about the course?"

  • Got to know about DyRoBeS
  • Hands-on use of analysis software
  • The course gave a basic overview of the DyRoBeS software which was all that could be done in one day. The explanation of the sub elements, levels and shafts was important and well explained. Touching on the most used post processors was worth the time.
  • Torsional exercise
  • Having hands-on practice with demo ver.


Responses to "What was particularly helpful about the course?" for the hands-on day using DyRoBeS

  • Pair analysis with case studies - discuss model results, indications, design changes, etc.
  • I like the hands on part of training courses. If you can fit more into one day or provide some additional homework to do it would be helpful.
  • More time.
  • More exercises - but same pace - more days.


Responses to "Now that you have completed this course, what additional training (if any) would be helpful?"

  • I had taken a training course in the past where everyone took a real example from their work and worked on it during the class. It was very interesting to see what others were doing as well as giving a bunch of examples of the problem solving methods.
  • Practice


Other Comments/Feedback

  • I won't be using the DyRoBeS software in the future since we have Excel Rotor at my place of work. It might be helpful to find out which program most of the people in the Rotordynamics course use and then give a training course on that software.
  • Very helpful. Great explanations.